Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Set up is Complete!!!

Meet Misty Mapes

This is Misty Mapes, another resident of Dr. Kellistein's Cemetery. She was a sweet woman with a troubled life. She now seeks to help others find the light to guide them to eternal rest. Over the years, her purpose has become muddled in her ghostly mind, though her intentions are pure. Beware if you see her, she may desire to guide you to the other side, not knowing you are not yet dead!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dr. Kellistein's Mortuary and Cemetery Set up Begins this Week!!!!

The Kelly Family has one thing they are passionate about. Something they spend months out of the year preparing for... 

Get to know us and our ghostly visitors as we take you on a journey through the haunted mortuary. This haunt overtakes our home in a yearly, spooky tradition that our family has not only learned to accept but embrace.

Here's the story:
No one knows what happened to Dr. Kellistein and his family. One minute they were preparing for a service to honor a loved one passed, the next minute they too were dead. Some say it was an evil curse. Others say Dr. Kellistein went mad and killed himself and the others. But all agree that to tread on the grounds is to brush shoulders with death.

If you dare to learn more, come with me and I will introduce you to a few of our ghosts.

This is Nelly. Her story is a tragic one. Struck down at only sixteen years of age. She was a sweet, flighty girl who dreamed of finding her true love. While alive she was often found playing among the tombstones here at the Kellistein Cemetery. One afternoon, the caretaker found her lying dead under the willow tree. There were no marks on her body, no sign of how she died. A tearful service was given and she was buried near the place she passed. Several days later, a statue in her likeness and an epitaph appeared at her crypt. Come and find out what was written by her own, dead hand. 




This is our weeping angel, Evelyn. This mother watches over the grave of her own dear daughter, Caroline. Her daughter was taken in sickness at the tender age of nine. Careful where you tread, for this mother will not abide anyone stepping over the body of her dear child. The ghost of this mother has been seen wandering the perimeter of the cemetery, guarding her ghostly daughter as she plays in the house. If a child asks you to play with her, don't pay her any attention. Her mother is very strict about not letting her little girl play with mortals. Several graves in the cemetery contain the bodies of those who did not heed my warning.


This is the tombstone above the grave of Edward Bellows. The figure carved in stone lying above is that of his wife, Beverly-we call her Beloved. They were married just three short weeks when he died. Beverly never remarried and visited his grave often, until the day she too died and was buried along side him. The tragedy is, that her ghost still wanders, searching for him. For while her body sleeps alongside him. His spirit seems to be lost to her.



We hope you enjoyed a taste of what our cemetery and mortuary offers. Come, enjoy, and pay your respects at 937 W. 530 S. in Spanish Fork. Guided tours will begin the week before Halloween.

And stay tuned! We will be posting more about the ghostly residents at the Kellistein's Cemetery and Mortuary on this blog.